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Sunday, October 24, 2004

PHP Is Going To Be Different

It looks like PHP isn’t going to be that PHP we’re used to seeing it. I think it’s going to adopt some technology; it will be similar to ASP.NET or Servlet/JSP.

It’s getting closer to ASP.NET owing to such project as WACT and Prado.

As for Servlet/JSP, I think something is going happen here, for example as a language PHP is very close to Java, the only exception is dynamic types of PHP. People use MVC pattern that came from java, they also make DAO components that are very similar to EJB. Then I read this post; these guys want to build a servlet-like container for PHP.
What I think that PHP popularity can be a great advantage of creating some a new server-side technology that can comprises availability of PHP and power of Servlet/Java, I believe that PHP will go to the direction of Java and not .NET according to the next thoughts - .NET is a one platform thing (I don’t consider Mono, because it’s not an officially supported program), while PHP and Java are supported at nearly every platform, then Zend and Sun seem to be very good friends, just read the latest news to understand the fact, so I guess Sun will try to make something PHP based to expand their market of servers-side development tools.


  • I agree, PHP's power is growing. I am not too familiar with .NET or JSP but can say that PHP5's new OOP and exception handling features are great!

    .Net is viewing PHP as its competitor. Sun is definetly thinking of PHP as a way to improve its own products.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at October 24, 2004 at 4:17 PM  

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